Buy, Hold or Stake $PePe to experience the thrill of owning rare $PePe NFT memes that only you own

Roadmap - Exciting times ahead

The plan is to create a viral meme coin moment for the meme of the century. This is a community project being backed by all the meme lovers and especially the $PePe meme lovers. Transaction Fess are redistributed to holders and also to the liquidity pool to ensure a forever rising price floor

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Ultra-Rare NFT's Marketplace

Status: Development
Build your collection using $PePe token to buy ultra-rare Pepe NFT memes.

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Staking Farm

Status: Development
Stake $PePe tokens to receive additional $PePe tokens and ultra rare NFT meme's as rewards which you can sell on our NFT marketplace

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Pepe Swap Exchange

Status: Development
Swap your $PePe tokens or BNB for other tokens that are newly released or already on the market.

$PePe the Frog that broke the internet

Since $PePe the Frog emerged on the internet in 2005, his personality has shifted and evolved. It's time to take on one of the Internet's most classic memes: $PePe the Frog. Is he the internet's most loveable creation, or its worst symbol of hate?

$PePe the Frog was first posted to Gaia Online as "Feels Good Man", and evolved from there becoming "Feels Bad Man", "Sad $PePe", "Angry $PePe", and the list only expands from there. Around 2016, $PePe's image began to shift, and in 2017, Matt Furie, the original creator of $PePe the Frog, killed his creation in the now infamous comic released on National Free Comic Day.

Because of the controversy surrounding $PePe the Frog, many fans are left at odds, unsure of how to perceive the once beloved frog.

We love $PePe regardless of all the controversy and we have decided to come together as a community to bring $PePe to the NFT space and build a marketplace where different $PePe's will be made into NFTs and traded for $PePe coin.

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1 Trillion Tokens minted, 500 Billion burnt (50%)

250 Billion tokens in locked liquidty pool (25%)

150 Billion Team tokens locked for 3 Years (15%)

100 Billion tokens for developers (10%)

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Rug Proof

Liquidity Locked on UniCrypt Contract Audited and Verified by TechRate

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Earn rare $Pepe NFT meme's and $Pepe Coin by staking your tokens! Rarest NFT’s for those holding the most tokens

$PePe Coin is available to buy on Tokpie & PancakeSwap

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Delightful Apps

Download Trustwallet on your mobile device or Metamask on your computer device and connect to pancakeswap to buy $PePe

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